Mila Nell Henry (June 1, 1928 — April 3, 2004) was an American novelist. Born on a farm outside Boston to Nathaniel and Martha Henry, her catalogue of work was best summarized by the New York Times in its review of her masterpiece, June First, July Second, Augustus Third: “a revolution on the page, a creation that will breathe long after its creator has taken her last.” Since Henry’s passing, this review has proved prophetic, as her books are among the most analyzed, mimicked, banned, and beloved of all time. Mila Henry published only four novels before relocating to an undisclosed farm in rural Montana where she died in 2004. She is survived by her son, artist and author, Jonathan Henry.


The published works of Mila Henry:

Babies on Bombs (1949)

June First, July Second, Augustus Third (1955)

Year of Me (1959)

This is Not a Memoir: A Memoir (1967)